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ITALY: Custoza--July 27-August 13, 1918--: 332nd Infantry 2nd Battalion billeted in townloupe
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37066
ITALY, Fredda, Villa Contini--June 28-August, 1918--332nd Infantry Machine Gun Company billetsloupe
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37066
ITALY: Santa Lucia, Custoza--June 27-October, 1918--331st Field Hospitalloupe
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37067
ITALY,Ganfardine airfield-- August 1, 1918  Inspection and Review of 332nd Infantry Regiment by Italian King Vittorio Emanuele IIIloupe
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37069
ITALY, Pozzi, Valeggio sul Mincio--August 13-October--, 1918: --332nd Inf, loupe
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37067
ITALY, Venice, Piazza San Marco,--August 25, 1918: 332nd Inf band performs a concert for enthusiastic Venitiansloupe
Città Metropolitana di Venezia
Italy 30124
ITALY, Borghetto, ,August-October, 1918--: 332nd Inf training ground; September 13, 1918, 332nd Inf trench mortar accident--5 Americans killed and about 40 injuredloupe
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37067
ITALY, Barbarano--August-September, 1918: --332nd Infantry Machine Gun Company in training at Italian MG Schoolloupe
Barbarano Vicentino
Provincia di Vicenza
Italy 36021
ITALY, Peschiera del Garda--September 20, 1918----332nd Infantry--Italian holidayloupe
Peschiera del Garda
Provincia di Verona
Italy 37019
ITALY, Varago:September-October, 1918-- 332nd Infantry 2nd Battalion loupe
Provincia di Treviso
Italy 31052

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