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Over the Toploupe
418 2nd Ave N
USA 58075
John Pauling

John Pauling sculpted "Over the Top" to depict an infantryman advancing on the battlefield. The bronze sculpture was made by the American Art Bronze Foundry of Chicago and mounted on rainbow granite from St. Cloud, MN with a dedication in 1927. The bronze panels below the sculpture list 1018 names of Richland County citizens who served. Those who perished during the war are noted with a star opposite their names. Located on the courthouse lawn.

Pierce County Memorial Buildingloupe
300 2nd ave se
USA 58368
Theodore B. Wells

Theodore B. Wells designed this brick building as a War Memorial that would also be a community building with a gymnasium, meeting spaces and a kitchen. It was built in 1930 and the original architect's plans are located at the Pierce County Auditor's Office. There have been some modifications to the building over the years but it is still used by a variety of community groups, including the American Legion.

Renville County Memorial Courthouse and Monumentloupe
205 Main St E
USA 58761
Edwin A. Molander

This 1936 courthouse was designed by Edwin A. Molander, engineered by C.H. Ording, and built by I.E. Orheim with funding from the Works Progress Administration and the Soldiers Memorial Levy. The Renville County Courthouse is the only courthouse in North Dakota that could be considered to have Art Moderne styling. The granite monument with a flag pole in front of the courthouse is engraved with the names of the Renville County veterans who gave their lives in WWI

Rolette County Memorial Hallloupe
503 2nd Ave
USA 58366
June 15, 1932
Ernest R. Boyd

Rolette County planned in 1930 to levy $10,000 each year until it raised $22,000 for a community building. Ernest R. Boyd designed Memorial Hall with an auditorium and stage/gymnasium, meeting rooms, and a kitchen. The memorial was dedicated on June 15, 1932 and in 2017, the building houses the Rolette City Library while also still functioning as a community gathering space.

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Roll of Honor Plaqueloupe
204 5th Ave W
USA 58054

Roughly 2' x 4' in size, this bronze plaque lists 514 names of "Our Boys" who served during WWI. The design of the plaque has an Army bugler at the top left, a centerpiece with an eagle, flag, title, and olive branches, and at right is a sailor saluting with a rifle. It was donated by the Union Service League of Lisbon and hangs in the main lobby of the Ransom County Courthouse.

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Roll of Honor plaqueloupe
120 E Broadway
USA 58482

On the main floor of the Kidder County Courthouse near the entrance is a 24"x38" plaque honoring those who served in World War I from Kidder County. The plaque lists 83 names of "Our Boys" below a section with a bugler on the left, an eagle and flag in the middle, and a soldier with a gun on the right in bas relief. The plaque also includes the dates of the U.S. participation in the war, April 6, 1917 until November 11, 1918

Sandy Beach Memorial Parkloupe
325 Sandy Beach Road
Spiritwood Lake
USA 58401

Sandy Beach Memorial Park at Spiritwood Lake consists of five lots that were deeded to the Stutsman County Park Board in 1921 for the creation of a memorial park. The park now has space for camping and access to the lake with a boat ramp. A new sign was installed in 2015 to let visitors know the park is a memorial to those who served in World War I.

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Soldier's Memorialloupe
220 1st Ave SW
USA 58346
August 7, 1921
George Glynquist

The monument in Leeds was designed by George Glynquist, who served as an army engineer in the war. It was erected by the War Mothers of Leeds and dedicated on August 7, 1921. The bronze plaque lists the names of all who served in WWI from Leeds, including Red Cross nurses. The monument was originally in a park near the railroad but is now in Fireman's Park along with a monument for pioneers.

Stark County Courthouseloupe
51 3rd St E
USA 58601
June 16, 1937

This courthouse is also a World War Memorial and was dedicated on June 16, 1937. Nearly half the funds for construction were raised locally while the rest came from the Public Works Administration. The dedication program includes the words "Engendered in its makeup is not only the labors of the Artisans but the efforts of all. We hereby dedicate this building as the sum total of all the devotion, of all the people, for all time, to those who gave that last full measure."

Towner County War Memorial Hallloupe
401 5th Ave
USA 58324
Joseph Bell DeRemer and Samuel Teel DeRemer

The planning for this memorial began in 1921 and was to serve as the home of the American Legion while providing a large auditorium for the community. It was designed by Joseph Bell DeRemer and Samuel Teel DeRemer of Grand Forks and built by C.A. North. Ultimately, Works Progress Administration funds were used for the project and it was dedicated in 1937. The plaster frame decorated with an eagle and scroll that once graced the lobby is now in the Veterans Service Office

Unknown Soldier Monumentloupe
805 9th Ave W
USA 58801
November 11, 1927
Louis R. Kirchner

This memorial was originally located in Railroad Park but was moved to Riverside Cemetery in 2016. The bronze sculpture designed by Louis R. Kirchner and cast at the Flour City Ornamental Ironworks in Minneapolis, MN was dedicated on November 11, 1927. An identical statue by Kirchner is located in Butler, PA and a very similar Kirchner statue is located in Clark, SD.

Veterans Memorial Auditoriumloupe
925 Main Street
New England
USA 58647
Ritterbush Brothers

The Veterans Memorial Auditorium in New England was designed by the Ritterbush Brothers in the Art Deco style. The building was designed to serve the community with meeting rooms (one served as the city library), a kitchen, a large dining room, a dance hall, and stage. Funds for constructing the building came from the town, Hettinger County, and from the Public Works Administration. The Hettinger County Herald stated 6000 people came to the dedication in 1936

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War Memorial Buildingloupe
314 S Main St #1.
USA 58788
November 11, 1930
Edwin Molander

Edwin Molander designed the War Memorial Building and it was dedicated on November 11, 1930. It originally had a flat roof but a gable roof was added ca. 2000. The interior of the building still has a large room on the lower level for meetings but the kitchen is no longer functional. The upper level was divided into office space and now houses the McHenry County Extension Service.

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War Mother Memorialsloupe
July 3, 1924

The original Liberty Memorial Bridge that carried the Memorial Highway over the Missouri River was demolished in 2009. The new bridge was also named a memorial bridge and part of its construction included building monuments at each end surrounding the War Mother Memorial granite boulder markers that were originally dedicated July 3, 1924. Granite was chosen because the boulders had "withstood the storms and stress of the ages as best typifying mother love."

Ward County Memorial Courthouseloupe
312 3rd St SE
USA 58701
Toltz, King, and Day

The Ward County Courthouse is the first courthouse in North Dakota to be built with Art Deco/Art Moderne inspiration. It was designed by Toltz, King, and Day and constructed by Olson and Orheim in 1929 for a cost of $498,000. The courthouse was recently connected to a new building to the north and will see some renovations as the offices inside are reorganized. The ex-servicemen's room inside the courthouse is still used by the American Legion and other groups.


North Dakota WW1

Centennial Commission

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The mission of the North Dakota World War One Centennial Commission (NDWW1CC) is to raise awareness of and give meaning to the events of a hundred years ago, using educational experiences and programming for all ages. The Commission will use the Centennial as a timely and essential opportunity to educate the country’s citizens about the causes, courses, and consequences of the war in North Dakota; to honor the heroism and sacrifice of those Americans who served in our state; and to commemorate through public programs and initiatives the centennial of this global event.

NDWW1CC seeks the participation of academic institutions and faculty in the development of educational programming, broadcasting, print and digital media as it pertains to North Dakota. Appointments are given by the current North Dakota committee members.

Commission Officers


Darrell Dorgan


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Shirley Olgeirson

Commission Members

Steve Andrist – North Dakota Newspaper Association

Claudia Berg – State historical Society of North Dakota

Dr. Al Berger – History Department, UND History Program

Dr. Carole Barrett – Historian/Author

Kevin Carvell – Historian/Author

Dr. John Cox – NDSU Historian/Author

Robert Greene – American Legion Historian

Calvin Grinnell – Native American Historian/Author

Larretta Hall – United Tribes, Bismarck

Mark Halvorson – State Historical Society of North Dakota 

Barbara Handy-Marcello – North Dakota Studies Historian, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Erik Holland – Curator of Education, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Neil Howe – North Dakota Studies Coordinator, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Dr. Gordon Iseminger – History Professor, UND

Tom Isern – NDSU Historian/Writer

Dr. Joseph Jastrzembski – History Program, Minot State University

Tracy Potter – Historian/Author

William Prokopyk – National Guard Historian

Dr. Joseph Stuart – University of Mary

Lauren Wiese GTA – NDSU Historian/Author

Joseph Zeleznik – NDSU Extension Forester

Gary Himmerich – ND AMVETS Commander

Orletta Klien – ND American Legion Commander

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