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NJ WWI Related Locations

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Trenton War Memorial - Trenton loupe
West Lafayette Street
USA 08608

The Trenton War Memorial was built in 1930 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.  It was designed by Louis S. Kaplan, who as a young architect won the design competition for a Trenton memorial to its dead from World War I.  Kaplan then supervised the building of the War Memorial, and after its dedication became the leading architect in Trenton until the early 1960s.  

Built as a concert hall, it fell into disrepair before being restored by the State of NJ in the 1990s.  It was rededicated in 1999.  The 1,807-seat theater at the War Memorial was renamed the Patriots Theater in 2001.

Photos courtesy of: 
Contemporary images - New Jersey Department of State
Historic images & vintage postcard - New Jersey State Archives

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Two Doughboys - Paterson loupe
Pennington Park, Dayton Street & McBride Avenue
USA 07501

The memorial consists of a tall granite obelisk adorned at the base with a bronze sculpture depicting two WWI soldiers engaged in battle, one armed with a bayonet and the other with a cocked 45-caliber pistol. The soldiers stand on a rocky ledge and aim their weapons at the unseen enemy below them.

The bronze sculpture rests on a low granite base attached to the front of the granite obelisk. The base now contains incised lettering honoring those who gave their lives and served in each war from World War I forward, but originally only commemorated World War I.

The memorial, designed by sculptor, Gaetano Federici, was dedicated in 1930.

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information Systems (SIRIS) inventory #77002948. 

Photos courtesy of Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) 

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Verdun Monument - Island Heightsloupe
Wanamaker Municipal Complex
Island Heights
USA 08732

In 1900, John Wanamaker of Wanamaker Department Store in Philadelphia, came to Island Heights, NJ to open a camp, "the Barracks," for children attending the John Wanamaker Commercial Institutes in Philadelphia and New York. A paternal employer, Wanamaker was adamant about well-rounded education for his employees. "Thinking, trying, toiling and trusting God, is all of my biography," he wrote once in response to a request for a sketch of his life, and so in finding Island Heights religiously oriented, easily accessible by rail from both stores, and with the availability of land for camping and marching, he established his quasi-military encampment in the northeastern corner of the Borough.

The young employees came in weekly shifts until child labor was deemed unlawful in 1941. People came from miles around to watch the drilling and hear the Drum & Bugle Corps and the Military Band. The students were drilled like a National Guard camp, but with time for field sports and swimming.

In later years, full companies from Wanamaker's went on to fight in foreign wars, and a granite statue on the Borough grounds stands as a tribute to their participation at the Battle of Verdun in France. 

Narrative adapted from "Island Heights Historic District" National Register Nomination, 1982. 

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office

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Veterans Memorial - Saddle Riverloupe
Municipal Building, East Allendale & East Saddle River Roads
Saddle River
USA 07458

This monument consists of a flag pole set in a stone plinth in front of Saddle River's municipal building.  The base of a quarry-faced stone plinth surmounted by a concrete slab containing a center hole for the flagpole. 

A bronze plaque on the front contains an honor role recognizing local residents who served in both world wars & Korea.  The plaque is decorated with an eagle under the curved top. 

Photos courtesy of:  Sheena Chi

Veterans Memorial, Handing Down Old Glory - Red Bankloupe
Red Bank Police Headquarters, Monmouth St & Drummond Pl
Red Bank
USA 07701

This Veterans Memorial was a gift to the City from the Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department. It commemorates those who served in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War & World War I, and was dedicated on Memorial Day 1926 before a crowd of 300 people.  The keynote address was given by Commander Walter E. Decker of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

The three full-length figures of soldiers stand atop a tiered granite base.  In the center, on the highest level of the base, is a portrait of Henry M. Nevius.  He wears a Civil War uniform including a long coat and hat. In his hands, he holds an American flag which is draped over a flagpole.

On his right is a figure of an unknown Spanish-American War soldier.  He is dressed in uniform and holds a rifle in his right hand. The butt of the gun rests on the ground.  His left hand is held up toward the center figure.

The third figure stands on a pedestal to Nevius' left at the same height as the Spanish-American War figure. This is a portrait of Major Peter P. Rafferty.  He wears a World War I uniform and holds the barrel of a rifle in his left hand.  The butt of the gun rests on the ground.  Nevius & Rafferty were Red Bank veterans.

Three bronze plaques are attached to the front of the monument, each with a bas-relief eagle at the top.

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information Service (SIRIS) inventory # NJ000611. 

Photo courtesy of:  Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)

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The Allendale memorial consists of a bronze eagle with outstretched wings perched on a sphere atop a tall granite shaft. The shaft has  commemorative plaques on the front, and incised decorations including a US star near the top & a wreath near the bottom.

The plaque is inscribed with the names of residents of Allendale who died in World War I.  Subsequent plaques memorialize those killed in World War II & the Vietnam War.

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #NJ000283. 

Photos courtesy of:  Bill Coughlin & Historical Marker Database

Veterans Monument - Emersonloupe
High & Linwood Avenues
USA 07630

The Emerson monument consists of a tree-shaded, rusticated stone slab with a bronze honor roll plaque. The honor roll lists citizens of Emerson who served in the military during World War I.

Photo courtesy of: Michael Herrick & Historical Marker Database

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Veterans Monument - Hillsdaleloupe
Broadway & Park Avenue
USA 07642

The Hillsdale, NJ monument consists of a rusticated granite arched slab sitting atop a granite base.  A bronze eagle is perched atop the slab; a bronze plaque on the front contains an honor roll of Hillsdale residents who served in World War I. 

Two angled stone slabs with smaller plaques are placed in front of the monument honoring those who participated in later wars.

Photo courtesy of: Michael Herrick & Historical Marker Database

Victory Monument - Cliftonloupe
Main Memorial Park, Main Avenue
USA 07055
Gaetano Cecere

This monument, located in Main Memorial Park in downtown Clifton was sculpted by Gaetano Cecere & designed by architect William E. Brown. It consists of a light gray granite shaft, square in cross-section. At the base of the shaft, a bronze female figure with a full-length robe stands carrying a circular shield with an eagle & star design in her left hand and a sword in her right.

The shaft itself is crowned with a bronze urn of classical design. The sides of the shaft are incised with laurel wreaths. Names of veterans are listed above the wreath.  

Narrative adapted from Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) inventory #76009166.

Photo credit:  Sheena Chi

Victory Monument - East Rutherfordloupe
Memorial Park, Paterson Avenue & Randolph Avenue
East Rutherford
USA 07073

This monument is a seated bronze statue of a female figure dressed in long, flowing robes representing Victory.  She wears a crown and her right arm is angled upward and forward while her left arm is held at a her side.  The monument sits on a three-part base. The lowest part is a square, granite slab. The central part a belt formed by tied scrolls, whereas the principal upper block is incised on its front surface with an inscription identifying the statue as “Victory.”

Photos courtesy of:  Frances Knowlden


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