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Wisconsin WW1 Research


Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society and surrounding UW-Madison campus libraries provide access to over 15,000 publications about World War I. The Society's archives preserves more than 400 unique primary source collections documenting the human catastrophe. These resources tell the stories of service members at the front, as well as those on the Wisconsin homefront. 

Milwaukee Public Museum

World War I Military Portraits is comprised of more than 32,000 photographs, typewritten volumes, and service records. The items were compiled from collections of the American War Mothers Milwaukee County Chapter and the Milwaukee County Council of Defense. These items contain a wealth of genealogical information and provide a candid look into soldiers' ideas and perceptions of the First World War. 

Oshkosh Public Museum

Explore World War I and some of the Museum’s collection through this virtual exhibit and the links on this page.

Portage County Historical Society

April 6, 2017 would be the centennial of the U.S. Declaration of War against Germany. Tim Siebert, President of the Society, and Sue Koehl, a Life member, teamed up to form the Centennial Committee. In the early part of 2014 they began working on a major presentation based on "Portage County in World War I". Their efforts resulted in the very successful April 6-7, 2017 events. For more information on these events, Click Here.

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