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332ND ROLL of HONOR DIED IN ITALY 04june20181918 ITALIAN FRONT 1919 v4

332nd Infantry Soldiers
Wounded / Injured in Italy

Stokes Trench Mortar training accident
September 13, 1918  —  Borghetto training area, Valeggio sul Mincio, Italy
Read about the Stokes Trench Mortar accident

BAIL , Frank Wooster: 1st Lt. 

, William Leo: 1st Lt., Co. "G"

, Robert E.: Lt. Col. [Maj]

CLIFFORD, Earl C.: Pvt. 1st Cl., HQ Company

COX, Fred: Pct. 1st Cl., Co "I"

DEDERICH, Robert John: 1st Lt., Co. "K"

David S.: 2nd Lt., Co "K"

, Williard G.: Pvt., Co “I”

HILLA, Frank J.: Capt., Supply Company 

HOOPER, Arthur R.: 2nd Lt., Co "K"

, Daniel E.: Sgt., HQ Co

KING, Hugh G.: Sgt., Co “I” 

KOHN, Richard H.: Corp., Co "I"

LANDGRAVER, Don S.: Pvt., Co. "I"

LIGGETT, David Carl: 2nd Lt., HQ Company (Stokes trench mortar gun captain)

MAURER, Edgar William: 2nd Lt., Co. "I" 

McKINNEY, Carl F.: Maj., 3rd Battalion

MILLER, Harry W.: Corp., Co "I"

PENROD, William: Pvt. 1st Cl., Co "I"

RADKA, Carl H.
: Pvt., Co "I"

RINGENBACH, Armand A.: Bugler, Co "K"

, Frank: Pvt., Co “K”

TODDINGS, Henry C.: Pvt., Medical Detachment

TUCKER, John R.: Corp., HQ Company

WELCH, Robert J.: Sgt., Co. "K"

*    *    *

332nd Infantry Soldiers Wounded on the Italian Front 1918

KING, Hugh G.: Sgt., Co “I” ; WIA degree undertermined, August 28, 1918

HINES, Leo M.: Pvt., Co "I" ; WIA degree undertermined, about September 19, 1918

MALERLI, Arturo: Pvt., Co "K" ; WIA slightly, September 26, 1918
View Arturo Malerli's listing on the Italian-Americans & the 332nd Infantry page

*    *    *

First American soldier wounded by enemy shell fire in Italy
October 2, 1918   —  
American Sector-Piave River Front, Salettuol, Italy

MOLL, Ira J.: Pvt. 1cl, Co. "F"  Piave

*    *    *

332nd Infantry forced crossing of Tagliamento River under enemy rearguard fire
November 4, 1918  —  Ponte della Delizia, Italy

CONNORS, William F.: Pvt. 1cl. MG Co

GERTZ, Ernest T.: Pvt. 1cl., Co "E"  Read more

HUBER, Andrew J.: Pvt. Co. "G"    Read more 

JORDAN,  Goff E.: Sgt. Co. "E"   Read more

PAHLAU, August D.: Sgt. Co. "F"   Read more

RUGGLES, Ivan B.: Corp. Co "B"  [accident]

SOPKOVIC, Mike: Pvt. 1cl, Co "B"  

, Henry W.: Pvt Co "G"   Read more

WERBEACH, John H.: Pvt., Co. "G"  

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