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332ND ROLL of HONOR DIED IN ITALY 04june20181918 ITALIAN FRONT 1919 v4

 332nd Infantry Soldiers
Killed or Died of Wounds in Italy


Trench Mortar Training Accident
Friday, September 13, 1918

Borghetto training grounds — Valeggio sul Mincio, Italy

  A disaster for 332nd American Regiment *

[ Una sciagura al 332º Reggimento americano ]

* Eye-witness account by Italian Army officer Capitano. Ludovico Lommi , XXIII Reparto d’Assalto (Arditi—Bersaglieri).

September 1918 — Yesterday during the training by the Arditi an American Captain, personally operating a Stokes mortar, was amused like a boy to see his projectiles flying in a wide arc over the waves of the Arditi, and seeing them burst with thunderous crashes on the barbed wire of imaginary enemies. The Arditi, without any fear, rapidly advanced to the ambush, while the artillery shells buzzed over their heads. They then threw, a furious stream of bombs, on the enemy trench, already devastated by the Stokes shells and flamethrowers.

Around the Stokes mortar many American officers were gathered and many Arditi with Major Allegretti. The exercise, for those good Tommys [Sammies], was just wonderful and they were demonstrating their feelings by shouting and laughing loudly.

Suddenly at one Stokes mortar, out of the mouth of the tube, instead of flying to the target, exploded immediately with an immense roar and sowed carnage all around.

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BENTLEY, Anthony J., Private 1cl, Hq Co.
Died 15 Sept1918 of wounds incurred by Trench Mortar explosion 13 Sept 1918
Buried at Suresnes American Cemetery, France

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*   *   *

Machine Gun Training Accident
September 23, 1918

Borghetto training grounds — Valeggio sul Mincio, Italy

BIALY, Wojciech, Private, Co. "K"
Killed 23 SEP 1918
Buried at Suresnes American Cemetery, France

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*   *   *

332nd Infantry Soldier
Killed in Action

Forced crossing of Tagliamento River against enemy rearguard action
November 4, 1918   —   Ponte della Delezia, Italy

KELL, Charles A, Corporal, Co. "G"
Killed by enemy gunfire 4 NOV 1918

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