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Italian Medal for Military Valor
(Medaglia al valore militare)

valor medalsFIVE 332nd Infantry soldiers were awarded the Italian Bronze Medal for Military Valor and SEVEN 332nd Infantry soldiers were awarded the Italian Silver Medal for Military Valor according to the currently available documentation.

This medal was instituted in March 1833 by King Albert of Sardinia in three grades: gold (Medaglia d’oro al valor militare), silver (Medaglia d’argento al valor militare), and bronze (Medaglia di bronzo al valor militare).  Awarded to officers and men of the armed forces for gallantry in action against the enemy.  The gold medal is only awarded in exceptional circumstances and is very highly regarded as a supreme reward for heroic deeds — only either the bronze or silver medal were awarded to men of the 332nd Infantry.

On the obverse of each of these medals is the coat-of-arms of Savoy surmounted by the crown and centered between two laurel branches, surrounded by the wording AL VALORE MILITARE (For Military Valor). Medals awarded during the First World War were engraved on the reverse, above the recipient's name, with GUERRA DI 1915-1918 between two laurel branches.  The ribbon is bright blue watered silk.

When only the ribbon is worn, the gold and silver medals are denoted by gold or silver five-pointed stars. 

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