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 New Mexico Military Museum World War 1 Exhibit Photos

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The World War 1 Exhibit at the New Mexico Military Museum in Santa Fe is open.  

Photos of Artifacts Housed at the New Mexico Military Museum

German Surrender Flag

Below  is a fragment of the original German surrender flag, carried by the officers that signed the armistice ending the war. This flag was attached to a staff car that carried German officers and statesmen across French lines, and to a meeting with French General Foch. At the meeting the Germans formally signed armistice papers that would restore peace to Europe.

letter 1918.jpg

Shaving Kit

Below is a U.S. Soldier's PX purchased shaving kit. This kit was manufactured by Gillette Razor Company, and includes several original wrapped razor blades. Kits such as this would have been sold at training bases for the Soldiers to take overseas. Shaving was very important during the war, as it ensured a tight seal on the Soldiers gas mask. The cover of this kit has been personalized with an infantry insignia, denoting company "M"

shaving kit.jpg

German Machine Gun Proficiency Badge

Below is an original WW1 German Machine gun proficiency badge. This badge was awarded to gunners who gained proficiency in the operation and employment of the MG08 machine gun. This badge is in unisuued condition, with the original wool and backing plate. The badge retains over 90% of the original gilding on the gun and belt.

artillery badge.jpg

New Mexico Soldier Memorabilia

Below is memorabilia from New Mexico Soldier Frank Pilon.  


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New Mexico WW1 Centennial Commission

Governor Susana Martinez, Chairperson 

Jack R. Fox, Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Department of Veterans Services

MG Kenneth A. Nava, Adjutant General, State of New Mexico

Veronica Gonzales, Cabinet Secretary New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

Rebecca Latham, Cabinet Secretary New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs 

Andrew J. Wulf, Cabinet Secretary New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

MG Jerry Grizzle, President, New Mexico Military Institute

Jeffrey A. Lowdermilk, World War I Historian and Author

CCM Mitchell Brush, New Mexico National Guard

CSM Jerry Garcia, New Mexico National Guard 

Meredith Davidson, Curator, NM History Museum and the Palace of the Governors

Tom Leech, Curator-Director, The Palace Press/NM History Museum 

CPT Gabriel Peterman, Officer in Charge, New Mexico Military Museum

Gary Miller, Curator, New Mexico Military Museum

Ray Seva, Public Information Officer, New Mexico Dept. of Veterans Services

Joe Vigil, Public Affairs Officer, New Mexico National Guard

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