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Hawaii WWI Centennial Articles

In Recognition of Bells of Peace: A World War I Remembrance

Bells Peace


Gov Cert WWI Cent 2

Hawaii's World War I Centennial Task Force gains state support

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Members of  look on as Governor David Y. Ige signs a letter as the Honorary Chairman, pledging state support.  The task force is the focal point for planning and organizing commemorative events in Hawaii, which contributed significantly to the war effort on both the military and civilian fronts.   Hawaii's WW I Centennial Commemoration began on April 2, 2017 and will continue through June 28, 2019.

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Honoring Hawaii’s First Casualties of WW1

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Hawaii’s World War I Centennial Task Force held its inaugural event marking the 100th anniversary of “the war to end all wars”, April 2, at Aloha Tower.   The ceremony honored the memory of six Hawaii men who died when the American merchant ship SS Aztec was torpedoed in the north Atlantic on April 1, 1917.  The sinking of the SS Aztec by a German U-boat was one of several factors that led the United States to declare war on Germany and its allies and enter the war on April 6, 1917. 

Major General Arthur “Joe” Logan, state adjutant general, was selected as the keynote speaker because of the historic maritime connection the State of Hawaii, Department of Defense had with WW I.   One hundred years ago, the Naval Militia was one of the divisions of the territorial defense department.  (The Naval Militia was later absorbed into the Navy Reserve and was transferred to the Department of the Navy.) Hawaii’s Naval Militia was mobilized during the war and those sailors were among the ten thousand Hawaii residents who became WW I era veterans.   Most of those veterans were members of the Hawaii National Guard.  On June 1, 1918 more than 5,500 soldiers of the Hawaii Guard were mobilized for active duty service at an Iolani Palace ceremony.  That WW I mobilization remains the largest mobilization in Hawaii National Guard history. 

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Memorial Day Invitation copy
Takai Speech referencing WWI Memorial Day 2016

Dr. James Robert Judd (1876-1947) 

Dr. Judd Leg of HonorDr. James Robert Judd (1876-1947) was the son of Albert Francis Judd, the Hawaii Supreme Court Justice under the Kingdom, Republic, and Territory, and the grandson of Dr. Gerrit Parmele Judd who had come to Hawai`i with the 3rd company of ABCFM missionaries in 1828.  He married Alice Louise Marshall in 1908.  When World War I broke out he and Louise went to France to serve in the American Ambulance Corps.  The United States wouldn’t officially enter the war until 1917.  He and Louise joined up with the American ex-patriots living in Paris that operated the “American Hospital.”  They spent just over a year in France as part of the American Ambulance Corps.  Dr. James Judd wrote a book about their time in France, but interestingly the book was not about him.  It was a collection of the experiences and memories of those that he treated during the war.  The profits from the book went to help the many fatherless children in France that had been orphaned by The Great War that was supposed to end all war because it was so horrible.  “With the American Ambulance in France” can now be found in digital form on GoogleBooks, in the University of Hawaii Hamilton library Hawaiian D640 .J69, and in the

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Baseballs Greatest Sacrifice

Gary Bedingfield remembers baseball players who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country

Apau Kau


Date and Place of Birth: September 9, 1890 Kohala, Hawaii
Date and Place of Death:    November 5, 1918 Borne-du-Cornouiller, France
Baseball Experience: Semi-Pro
Position: Pitcher
Rank: Sergeant
Military Unit: Company E, Second Battalion, 315th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division, US Army
Area Served: France

Apau Kau, recognized as the greatest Chinese pitcher in the United States, hurled a perfect game in April 1915.

Apau “Sam” Kau was born to Chinese immigrant parents in Kohala, Hawaii on September 9, 1890. His family moved to Honolulu in 1901 and there he attended Kauluwela School and Royal School.

A spitball pitcher with a deceptive delivery and an even more deceptive pickoff move, Kau spent his teenage years hurling for the Chinese Athletic Club in the highly competitive Oahu League. They  became the Chinese-American Stars Baseball Club in 1911 and the All-Chinese team thereafter.

Described as “feared by many opposing batters because of his speed, curves and change of pace,” Kau traveled to the mainland United States in 1912 with the Chinese Travelers team. Selected from the best players of Chinese origin on Hawaii, the tour was organized by sports executive Nat Strong, and the Travelers played over 100 games against amateur, college, semi-pro and minor league teams. So popular was the Chinese-Hawaiian team that they returned each year for further tours. In 1913, Kau recorded wins over St. Mary’s College (CA), Westminster College (MO), Iowa State College, University of Minnesota, Sacred Heart College (WI), Washington & Jefferson College (PA), Holy Cross, Norwalk Baseball Club (CT), and Southwalk Athletic Club (PA).

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in support of the Hawai'i World War One Centennial Task Force efforts to commemorate WWI and honor and

appreciate the significant involvement of American Indians .


Hawaii Marks the Centennial of the Battle of the Somme

By Arthur Tulak

Somme 1Dancer Fiona Brown performed a dance to “Battle of the Somme,” played by bagpipers and drummers of the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii, 30 May 2016. Photo courtesy of Julie Thurston Photography www.juliethurstonphotography.comWhile the centennial of America’s participation in WWI does not start until April 2017, the U.S. National Centennial Committee is coordinating and collaborating with the WWI commemoration efforts of other Nations.  The WWI Centennial Commission webpage features links to the Centennial commemoration websites of four of our WWI Allies (U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada) and our present-day Ally Germany.  The Hawaii World War One Centennial Task Force is following the same lead in joining in with commemoration efforts of our international partners, and reaching out to identify events we can commemorate together.

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Hawaii WWI Task Force Logo

Contact: Hawaii@WorldWar1Centennial.org

Task Force Members

Hawaii WWI Commemoration
Governor David Y. Ige
Honorary Chairman

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Rep. Ken Ito, House Dist. 49

Rep. Bob McDermott, Dist. 40


Hawaii WWI Centennial Task Force
Arthur Tulak, COL (Ret), USA

Task Force Chairman
Ben Acohido Col (Ret), USA
VFW Previous State Commander

Chuck Anthony, Lt Col, HIANG
Hawaii DOD Public Affairs

Les Bise LTC (Ret) USA
Military Order of World Wars

Brenden Bliss
Instructor, Hawaii Pacific University

Donna L. Ching
Task Force Vice Chair

Stan Fernandez, CMSgt (Ret), USAF
VFW Previous State Commander

Charlie Harrington, Harrington Publishing

Alex Holowicki, 
UH Maui College Dept. of History

Gordon Lee
Kau Tom American Legion Post #11

Ron Lockwood, USMC (Ret), Commander Waikiki VFW Post

Anita Manning
Task Force Historian
(Elks Lodge 616)

Curtis Manchester, LTC (Ret) USAR
Military Order of Foreign Wars

Catherine Miloni,
Events Committee Chair
Aloha Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

William Parker, CMSgt, HIANG
Senior Enlisted Advisor, HING

Denis Salle,
Honorary Consul-General, Federal Republic of Germany

Jeffrey Allen Smith, Associate Professor UH Hilo

Fred Wong,
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8616

Ron Han, Col (Ret), HIANG
Director, HI State Office of Veterans' Services


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