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Finding the Lost Battalion: Roster of Men Known To Have Been in the Charlevaux Ravine Between 1900 HRS 02OCT1918 and 1930 HRS 07OCT1918

20170227 214937There never was a complete and total list of who was or was not in the Charlevaux Ravine between the evenings of October 2nd and October 7th, 1918. Therefore family legend, miscommunication, misunderstanding of unit designation and just plain subterfuge has led there to be considerable speculation on the subject. During the 1920’s and 1930’s it was a rather glamorous thing to have been a member of the Lost Battalion and some who were not actually in the Charlevaux Ravine but were in the 77th Division and in the area at the time, and sometimes those just seeking attention, were not above stretching the truth a bit and laying claim to the distinction (including the gangster Al Capone). In fact, had every man who made the claim, or whose family did years later, actually been in the ravine, it would have been more akin to a lost division rather than the degraded battalion strength unit that it was!

What follows is the culmination of 20 years’ worth of research into the question of who actually was in the Lost Battalion and who was not. Dozens of sources were consulted for the creation of this list and it represents what may be considered to be the most accurate accounting possible.

KEY: W=Wounded; KIA=Killed in Action; POW=Prisoner of War; S=Sickness; DOW=Died of Wounds. (Note: Sickness includes those simply too weak to walk out of the Pocket. Though frequently unspecified, most often the cause was influenza.)

Adams, Charles F.    PVT    K/307   W – GSW
Adams, Charles I.   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Ahlstedt, Rueben H.   PFC   G/308   W – right thigh
Albis, Stanislaus   PVT   B/308   W – right leg
Altiera, Samuel A.   PVT   K/307   Sick
Amatetti, Bart   PVT   B/308   Sick
Anastasia, Anthony   PVT   /308   W – left leg
Anderson, Carl A.   PVT   K/307   W – DOW 1/24/19
Anderson, Gus   PVT   K/307   KIA
Anderson, Herman G.   SGT   A/308   W – face
Anderson, Joseph A.   PVT   D/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Andrews, Paul F.   PFC   G/308   KIA
Armstrong, William W.   PFC   C/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Arnold, Harold V.   PFC   F/308   KIA
Baker, David H.   PVT   B/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Baker, Edward   PVT   K/307   W – right thigh
Bakker, Richard W.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Baldwin, Frederick W.   SGT   E/308
Baldwin, Joseph K.   CPL   C/308
Baldwin, Walter J.   CPL   HQ/308
Bang, John   PVT   K/307   KIA
Baskin, Louis   PVT   C/308   Sick (severe constipation)
Becker, Gustav A.   PVT   C/306 MGB   KIA
Becker, Martin   CPL   D/306 MGB   KIA
Bedrna, Louis W.   PVT   HQ/308
Beebe, Leonard   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Beeson, Leonard R.   PVT   K/307   W – right shoulder
Begley, William A.   PFC   G/308   KIA
Bejnarowicz, Joseph   CPL   C/308
Bell, Morris C.   PVT   HQ/308
Bendheim, Lionel   SGT   C/308   W – both legs
Benson, Arthur E.   PVT   C/308
Bent, Elmer E.   PVT   H/308
Benthagen, George M.   PVT   G/308   KIA
Berg, Louis   PVT   K/307
Berkowitz, Max   PVT   E/308   POW
Berlev, Floyd   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Beske, Arthur A.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Bickers, Everett   PVT   C/308   W – GSW
Bickmore, Harold   PVT   B/308
Bivalace, Giovanni   PVT   K/307   W – GSW
Blackburn, Raymond   SGT   C/308
Blanchard, Alonzo D.   CPL   K/307
Bland, Charles J.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Blevins, George   PVT   G/308
Blomseth, Ludwig   PVT   G/308   W – burned
Blowers, Bert L.   PVT   K/307   W – DOW 12/18/18
Boden, John   CPL   G/308   KIA
Bolvig, Eiler V.   CPL   H/308   KIA
Bonaventura, Pistoria   PFC   B/308   W – left leg
Botelle, George W.   PVT   C/308   W – head
Bowden, John   PVT   H/308   W – left leg, left foot
Bradford, Robert F.   CPL   K/307
Bradshaw, Stanley O.   PVT   B/308   W – left shoulder
Bragg, James M.   PVT   Med. (G)/308   Sick
Brennan, George H.   PVT   D/306 MGB
Brennan, Harold   PVT   E/308
Brennen, Thomas J.   CPL   C/308   W – GSW
Brew, William F.   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Brice, James E.   PVT   E/308   Sick
Bringham, Victor L.   PVT   K/307   W – left thigh
Brinkoma, Ralph   PVT   K/307   W – left shoulder
Brody, Irving   PVT   B/308   W – left leg
Bronson, Emery   PVT   B/308   W – right leg, right hand
Bronstein, Benjamin   PVT   E/308   POW/DOW
Brown, Clifford R.   PVT   C/308
Brown, Edwin C.   SGT   H/308   W – right arm
Brown, Gilbert E.   PVT   K/307   W – DOW 10/15/18
Bruton, James   PVT   G/308   KIA
Bueskins, Herbert   PVT   K/307   W – left arm
Buhler, Frederick   2LT   G/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Burns, William C.   PVT   H/308
Buth, Henry O.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Cadieux, Henry J.   PVT   B/308   W – head
Caldwell, Lewis B.   PVT   H/308
Callahan, William   SGT   E/308
Cappiello, Savino   PVT   C/308   Sick
Carnebucci, Catino   PFC   C/308   KIA
Carroll, James B.   1st SGT   K/307
Cassidy, Henry C.   PVT   C/308   W – left shoulder
Castrogiovanne, Samuel   PVT   C/308   KIA
Cathcart, Joseph E.   PVT   H/308
Cavallo, Thomas   PVT   H/308   KIA
Cavanaugh, William M.   PVT   HQ/308   W – broken shoulder
Cella, Innocenzo   PVT   A/308   Sick
Cepaglia, Philip   PVT   C/308
Chamberlain, James   CPL   K/307
Chambers, Joseph H.   PVT   H/308   W – neck
Charlesworth, Percy W.   PVT   C/308   W – left leg
Chavelle, Charles H.   PFC   B/308   W – left arm
Chin, Henry   PVT   H/308   KIA
Chiswell, George H.   PVT   E/308   W – right wrist, head
Christ, Charles F.   PVT   K/307
Christensen, Hans W.   PVT   K/307
Christenson, Phillip   PVT   K/307   W – chest, right side
Christian, Robert E.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Christopher, Joseph J.   PVT   K/307   W – DOW 10/28/18
Chupp, Ammon   PVT   I/308   W – left knee
Church, Roscoe G.   PVT   K/307   KIA
Clark, Raymond O.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Clarke, Nathan   PVT   D/306 MGB   KIA
Clay, Thomas H.   PVT   H/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Clemons, Melvin E.   PVT   G/308
Coatney, Arthur F.   PVT   H/308   W – right thigh
Coe, Richard R.  PVT   H/308   W – left arm
Cohen, Morris   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – right shoulder
Colan, James   CPL   G/308   W – back
Colasacco, John   SGT   C/308   Sick
Cole, Harvey R.   PVT   K/307   KIA
Collins, John   PVT   A/308   W – left knee
Condon, James T.   PVT   C/308   Sick
Conneally, John   PVT   G/308
Connelly, John   PVT   E/308   W – right foot
Connelly, Timothy   PVT   K/307
Conrad, James M.   PVT   D/306 MGB   KIA
Copsey, Albert V.   CPL   B/308
Cornell, Charles B.   CPL   H/308
Cornell, Henry C.   PVT   C/306 MGB   W – left ear, neck
Covert, Parley J.   PVT   E/308   POW
Crosby, John A.   PVT   C/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Crotly, Martin J.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – left hip
Crouse, William P.   PVT   K/307   KIA
Cullen, William J.   1LT   H/308
Cummings, Roy   PVT   H/308
Cunningham, Niles F.   PVT   C/308   Sick
Curley, Edward T.   PVT   C/308   W – left side
Dahlgren, Gust A.   PVT   G/308   W – shrapnel (slight)
D'Amato, Patrick   PVT   C/308
Damcott, John F.  PFC   C/308   KIA
Damon, Harold P.   PVT   H/308
Daomi, Patrick   PVT   E/308   KIA
Dayo, Harrison   PVT   HQ/308
Deaderick, Osro   PVT   G/308
Deahan, James A.   SGT   K/307
Delsasso, John L.   PVT   E/308   W – DOW 10/20/18
Delgrosso, Frank   PFC   G/308   W – head
Delmont, John   PVT   H/308   Sick
Delserone, John   PVT   H/308   W – shrapnel (slight)
Devanney, Patrick   PVT   E/308   W – DOW 10/11/18
DeWitt, Roy   PVT   E/308   KIA
Diesel, Louis   PFC   D/306 MGB   KIA
Dimmick, Frank C.   PVT   D/306 MGB   KIA
DiGiacomo, Frank   PVT   G/308   W – nose
Dingledine, Elliot N.   PVT   D/306 MGB   DOW 10/9/18
Dodd, Robert   PVT   H/308   W – right shoulder & leg
Doherty, Arthur A.   CPL   E/308   W – shrapnel
Domrose, Walter L.   PVT   E/308   MIA
Donato, Thomas F.   PVT   D/308
Dorr, Donald E.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Downs, Lee H.   PFC   C/308   Sick
Drake, Herbert M.   PVT   H/308
Duffy, George W.   CPL   B/308   W – sprained ankle
Dunham, Ralph O.   PVT   F/308
Dunnigan, Thomas   PVT   F/308
Duryea, Cecil L.   PVT   H/308   POW (W)
Dyrdal, Joseph B.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Eager, Sherman W.   2LT   G/308
Edlund, Herman D.   PVT   G/308
Edwards, Lyle J.   PVT   H/308
Eggleston, George   PVT   D/306 MGB
Eichorn, John   PVT   HQ/308   W – left foot
Eifert, Otto   PVT   E/308   POW
Elkin, Gabriel   PVT   H/308
Ellbogen, Martin   PVT   F/308   W – left shoulder
Elliott, Frederick   PVT   G/308   W – GSW
Engen, Conrad   PVT   H/308   W – GSW
Englander, George M.   BGLR   G/308   W – right leg
Erdahl, Olaf   PVT   H/308
Ericson, Alfred E.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Erickson, Arthur   PVT   G/308
Erickson, Frank G. S.   PVT   H/308
Erickson, Henry   PVT   A/308   W – right thigh
Esch, Hubert V.   PVT   C/308
Estes, Frank R.   PVT   H/308
Euteneuer, Albert A.   PVT   K/307   W - GSW
Evans, Peter   PVT   B/308   W – face
Evermann, Frederick   PVT   B/308
Fairbanks, Truman P.   PVT   G/308   W – both legs, left hand
Fare, John   PVT   K/307   W – right leg
Farncomb, Harvey M.   PVT   D/308   W – left ankle
Fassett, Ancel E.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Feeney, Francis   PVT   B/308
Fein, Arthur E.   PVT   K/307   W – back, right arm
Felton, James P.   PVT   K/307   W – left arm
Feuerlicht, Samuel   PVT   C/308   W – DOW 10/14/18
Fitzgerald, Peter A.   PVT   G/308   W – right leg, left hand
Flack, Earl A.   PVT   H/308
Flaming, Henry P.   PVT   H/308
Flower, Leo A.   PVT   C/306 MG   Sick
Flynn, John T.   PVT   B/308   Sick
Flynn, Raymond E.   PVT   E/308   Sick (severe diarrhea)
Fortunato, Joseph C.   MECH   C/308
Foss, Sidney J.   PVT   K/307
Francis, William E.   PVT   H/308   W – left wrist
Freeman, Harold   SGT   G/308   W – right shoulder
Friel, Joseph   PVT   A/308   KIA
Frink, Charles W.   PVT   C/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Gaedeke, Benjamin F.   SGT MJR   HQ/308   W – DOW 10/9/18
Gafanowitz, Robert   PFC   G/308   W – right arm
Gallagher, Dennis A.   PVT   G/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Gallob, Hyman   PFC   B/308   KIA
Gaupset, Sigaurd   PVT   H/308   W – right leg
Gavin, George M.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Geanekos, Angel   PVT   B/308
Gehris, John D.   PFC   Med (G)/308   W – shrapnel, concussion
Gibbons, Peter   PVT   K/307
Gibson, Charles A.   PVT   K/307   Sick
Gibson, Frederick   PVT   B/308   KIA
Gibson, Herbert B.   PVT   H/308   W – forearms
Giefer, Joseph   PVT   D/308   W – head, hands
Giganti, Joseph A.   PVT   C/308   Sick (severe constipation)
Gilkey, Ralph   PVT   HQ/308   W – shrapnel (slight)
Gill, Thomas H.   PVT   K/307
Gillece, Bernard   CPL   E/308
Gilley, George N.   CPL   K/307
Gitchell, Leonard C.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Gladd, David E.   PFC   C/308   KIA
Glenn, Leonard N.   PVT   B/308   W – GSW
Goldberg, Irving R.   CPL   E/308   POW
Goldhorn, Henry W.   PVT   H/308   Sick
Graham, Robert J.   SGT   D/306 MGB   KIA
Greally, Michael J.   SGT   G/308   KIA
Green, Bert M.   CPL   K/307   Sick
Greenfield, Barney   PVT   B/308   Sick
Greenwald, Irving W.   PFC   E/308   W – GSW right leg
Griffin, Maurice V.   1LT   H/308   W – left shoulder
Griswold, Lester   PVT   C/308   W – left eye
Gross, Herbert   PVT   E/308
Grossberg, Percy   PVT   G/308
Gudis, Peter C.   CPL   E/308
Habeck, Frank   PFC   E/308   W – GSW left side
Hagerman, Mark C.   SGT   G/308
Halligan, William C.   PVT   B/308   MIA
Hamilton, John R.   PVT   HQ/308
Hammond, Raymond E.   PVT   B/308
Hansen, Hans S.   PVT   HQ/308
Hanson, Theodore   PVT   H/308   KIA
Hanson, Walter   PVT   B/308
Harkleroad, Lee C.   PVT   C/306 MGB   W – shrapnel, GSW
Harlin, Albert D.   PVT   D/308
Harrington, Victor A.   2LT   E/308   POW (W)
Harris, Thomas   PVT   B/308
Hatch, Boyd S.   CPL   K/307
Hatcher, Otto R.   PVT   C/308
Hauck, George E.   SGT   D/306 MGB
Havens, George E.   PFC   E/308   KIA
Hazen, Louis N.   PVT   C/308   W – left shoulder, left foot
Healey, Jeremiah   SGT   G/308   W – right leg
Hearty, James B.   PVT   B/308   W – right wrist
Hecker, Arthur J.   PVT   H/308
Held, Jacob   CPL   C/308
Hendrickson, Alfred   PVT   K/307   W – DOW 10/19/18
Hepworth, Clyde   PVT   H/308   Sick (rheumatism)
Hermsdorf, Harold J.   SGT   B/308
Heuer, Joseph P.   2LT   K/307
Hicks, Arthur   PVT   K/307   W – left leg
Hicks, Stacy M.   PVT   C/308   POW
Hiduck, Anthony   PVT   A/308   W – head
Hildenbrand, Carl   PVT   B/308   KIA
Hinchman, John A.   CPL   C/308   KIA
Hintz, Clyde A.   PVT   B/308
Hission, William   PVT   C/308
Hoadley, George   PVT   K/307
Hoff, Henry   PVT   D/308
Hofstetter, Benjamin J.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Hogue, Frank D.   PVT   K/307   Sick (severe diarrhea)
Holbert, Edward   PVT   H/308
Holden, Wyatt L.   PVT   C/308
Holderman, Nelson M.   CAPT   K/307   W – shrapnel/GSW(multi)
Holen, George G.   PVT   D/308
Holliday, William M.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Hollingshead, Lowell R.   PVT   H/308   POW (W)
Holt, James M.   PVT   D/306 MGB
Holt, John   PVT   B/308   W – DOW 10/13/18
Holzer, William   PVT   G/308   W – left leg
Honas, Stephan M.   PVT   B/308   W – right leg
Hott, John E.   PVT   E/308   POW
Hoven, Sylvester   PVT   B/308   KIA
Hudlow, Rubin   PVT   A/308   W – left hand
Huff, George   PVT   K/307
Huntington, Lloyd A.   PVT   H/308   W – left arm
Hurd, Ervin C.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Hyde, Richard W.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Ilardo, James P.   PVT   H/308   POW (W)
Iltz, Henry   PVT   C/306 MGB   Sick
Indiana, Dominick   PVT   C/308
Ingraham, Theodore W.   PVT   F/308   POW
Iraci, Alfio   PVT   E/308   KIA
Irvin, James   PVT   C/308
Jacob, William   SGT   C/308
Jacobson, Charles   PVT   E/308
Jacoby, Leo J.   PVT   C/308
Jammaron, Victor   PVT   I/308   W – right arm
Jeffries, Charles B.   PVT   D/305 FA   MIA
Jepson, Earl F.   PVT   B/308   KIA
John, Ralph E.   PVT   A/308
Johnson, Charles A.   PVT   K/307   KIA
Johnson, Edward   PVT   G/308   KIA
Johnson, Frank L.   PVT   D/308   KIA
Johnson, Louis N.   PFC   C/306 MGB   W – DOW 10/12/18
Johnson, Maurice E.   SGT   D/306 MGB
Johnson, Raymond   PVT   C/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Johnson, William F.   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel, GSW
Johnson, William H.   PVT   A/308   KIA
Jolly, Samuel   PVT   H/308   KIA
Jones, Arthur H.   PFC   B/308   MIA
Jones, David O.   PVT   K/307   W – left arm
Jorgenson, Arthur F.   PVT   F/308
Jorgenson, Herbert   PVT   G/308   W – right arm
Joyce, Joseph   PVT   H/308   W – neck
Judd, Roland P.   PVT   A/308   KIA
Kaempfer, Albert O.   PVT   K/307   W – right arm
Kandel, Benjamin   PVT   E/308   KIA
Kaplan, Harold   1st SGT   E/308   POW (W)
Karalunas, John   PVT   K/307   W – left arm, chest
Karpinsky, Frank   PVT   B/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Kaspirovitch, Jacob   PVT   E/308   W – GSW left side, hip
Kaufman, Emil   PVT   C/308
Keegan, James A.   PVT   B/308   Sick (influenza)
Keenan, Joseph C.   CPL   D/306 MGB
Keene, Earl A.   PVT   I/308   KIA
Keeney, Jesse   PVT   C/306 MGB
Keim, George   PVT   C/308
Kellog, Ernest L.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Kelly, Joseph D.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – left leg
Kelly, Kennedy K.   PVT   A/308   KIA
Kelly, Michael A.   PVT   E/308
Kelmel, William   PVT   K/307
Kennedy, Edward A.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – multiple
Kennedy, Frank   PVT   D/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Kennedy, Joseph C.   CPL   G/308
Kiernan, Joseph   PVT   E/308   Sick
King, Joseph R.   PVT   C/308   POW (W)
Kirchner, Gerard   SGT   H/308
Klein, Irving   CPL   A/308   W – left elbow
Knabe, William H.   PFC   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Knapp, John   PVT   E/308   KIA
Knauss, Daniel M.   PVT   H/308
Knettel, John J.   PVT   K/307
Knifsund, Otto M.   PVT   C/308
Knott, Carlton V.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Koebler, George   PFC   H/308   KIA
Koernig, George C.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Kolbe, Charles A.   PVT   C/306 MGB   W – left shoulder, back
Kornelly, Phillip   PFC   B/308   W – right leg
Kostinen, Frank J.   PVT   C/308
Kozikowski, Stanislaw   PVT   C/308
Krantz, Walter J.   PVT   C/308
Krogh, Magnus B.   PVT   B/308   W – shrapnel (slight)
Kronenberg, Max   PVT   E/308   POW
Krotoschinsky, Abraham   PVT   K/307
Kurtz, Nicholas   PVT   H/308   W – right forearm
Landers, Patrick J.   SGT   H/308
Langer, Julius   PVT   H/308
Larkin, Archibald F.   PVT   C/308
Larney, James F.   PVT   HQ/308   W – right arm, left thigh
Larson, Erik   PVT   C/308
LaSalle, Erhart   PVT   K/307
Lauder, Frank N.   PVT   C/308
Lavine, Joseph   PVT   E/308
Layman, Raymond E.   PVT   G/308
Leak, James V.   1LT   E/308   POW (W)
Lee, Bernard J.   PVT   C/308   KIA
Leflaer, Len L.   PVT   H/308
Lehmeier, Joseph   PVT   K/307   W – head
Lekan, Michael    PVT   K/307   KIA
LeMay, Adlare J.   PVT   D/308   POW (W)
Leonard, William J.   BGLR   H/308
Lesley, James E.   PVT   H/308
Lesnick, Maxwell   PVT   C/308   W – right shoulder
Lightfoot, Roy H.   PVT   H/308
Lima, Sigurd V.   PVT   G/308   KIA
Lindley, Gilbert L.   PVT   G/308   Sick (rheumatism)
Liner, Irving L.   PVT   D/308
Lipacher, Isaac   PVT   K/307   W – head
Lipasti, Frank I.   PVT   K/307   KIA
Little, Robert G.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Loendorf, Jacob   PVT   C/308   W – head, back
Loering, George C.   PVT   F/308
Lokken, Martin O.   PVT   B/308
Lonergan, James E.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – shrapnel, GSW
Long, Marvin B.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Long, Patrick   PVT   K/307
Looker, Arthur R.   PVT   B/308   W – head
Looslie, Daniel H.   PVT   B/308   KIA
Lovell, Arthur, R.   PVT   G/308
Lowman, Cecil O.   PVT   C/308
Luckett, Henry C.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Lucy, William J.   PVT   H/308
Lukas, Michael J.   PVT   E/308
Lund, Engval   PVT   F/308   Sick (influenza)
Lynch, James A.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Lyons, Frank T.   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel
Lyons, Thomas J.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Lysen, Chester   PVT   C/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Macali, Joseph   PVT   B/308   W – left wrist
Mace, Daniel B.   PVT   B/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Magnusson, David   PFC   F/308   W – right foot
Mahony, Marion E.   PVT   B/308
Main, Frederick T.   SGT   C/308
Mandell, Frederick A.   PVT   C/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Mann, Sydney C.   PVT   H/308   Sick (trench foot)
Mannion, Thomas J.   PVT   K/307   Sick
Manson, Robert   PVT   B/308   W – right hand
Marchelewski, Stephan   PVT   C/308
Marcus, Samuel   SGT   B/308   Sick (neuritis)
Marcy, Leon W.   CPL   D/306 MGB   KIA
Mares, Rito   PVT   G/308
Marion, Roy L.   PVT   C/308   W – right chest
Marshallcowitz, Saul   PVT   Med (H)/308   POW (W)
Martin, Albert E.   PVT   K/307   W – GSW both knees
Martin, Wayne W.   PVT   A/308
Martin, William H.   PVT   G/308  W – DOW 10/24/18
Martinez, Frank   PVT   G/308   KIA
Mastricola, Archibald   PVT   B/308   W – GSW
Materna, Joseph   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (slight)
Mathews, Andrew   PVT   H/308
Mathews, Richard W.   CPL   B/308   Sick
Mauro, Frank   PVT   H/308   W – right foot
Mayhew, George   PVT   C/308
McCabe, John   PVT   C/308
McCallion, John J.   PVT   E/308
McCauley, Jesse J.   PVT   G/308
McCoy, Bert C.   PVT   A/308   W – GSW
McElroy, Joseph A.   PVT   C/306 MGB   Sick
McFeron, Olin   PVT   C/308
McGowen, Joseph L.   PVT   C/308
McGrath, Eugene M.   PVT   C/308   MIA
McMahon, Martin   CPL   B/308   W – right hand
McMullin, William   PVT   E/308   POW
McMurtry, George G.   CAPT   HQ/308   W – left knee, back
McNearney, John A.   PVT   H/308
Mead, Joseph P.   PVT   C/308   KIA
Mears, Robert L.   PVT   C/308
Medboe, Joseph   PVT   B/308   W – right hand
Medesker, Peter L.   PVT   D/308   KIA
Mele, Michael   PVT   G/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Meltam, Nicholas B.   PVT   A/308   Sick
Melvin, Harold J.   PVT   F/308
Mendenhall, Jesse J.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Merry, Ernest S.   CPL   E/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Meyerowitz, Tobias   PVT   K/307
Meyers, Charles   PVT   B/308   Sick
Mikulewicz, F.M.   PVT   I/308
Miller, Fernnau   PVT   H/308
Miller, Henry   MECH   H/308   KIA
Miller, Henry I.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Miller, Nathaniel   PVT   G/308   W - shrapnel
Miney, Patrick   PVT   E/308   W – GSW
Monan, Robert F.   PVT   K/307
Monk, William   PVT   C/308   W – chin, left knee
Mooney, James E.   PVT   D/308
Morem, Arnold M.   PVT   E/308   W – GSW, left side
Morris, Albert   PVT   C/308
Morris, Louis   PFC   B/308   W – left thigh
Morrow, Bert B.   SGT   C/308  Sick
Mouse, William J.   PVT   C/308
Mulvey, James J.   PVT   F/302 Am Tr.
Munson, Gustave   PVT   H/308   W – right hand
Murphy, James J.   SGT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Murphy, John   PVT   C/308
Murray, Frederick   PVT   F/308   W – left hand
Murray, Kenneth   PVT   K/307
Murray, Thomas   PVT   K/307   W – head
Mynard, Edwin S.   SGT   D/306 MGB
Nauheim, Alfred P.   CPL   A/308   W – bayonet
Nell, John W.   PVT   G/308
Nelson, Arthur G.   PVT   H/308   W – right foot
Nelson, Olaf   CPL   H/308   Sick
Neptune, Harold B.   PVT   H/308   W – right leg
Newcom, George H.   PVT   G/308
Nies, George W.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Noon, Alfred R.   2LT   C/306 MGB   KIA
Norton, Grant S.   PFC   B/308   MIA
Novotny, Otto   PVT   F/308
O’Brien, Lewis   PVT   C/308   POW
O’Connell, James P.   CPL   D/306 MGB
O’Connell, John F.   PVT   E/308   POW
O’Conner, Patrick J.   PVT   G/308   KIA
Officer, Arthur E.   PVT   H/308
Ofstad, Gile   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
O’Keefe, John J.   PVT   E/308   W – GSW, left foot
O’Keefe, Thomas C.   BGLR   D/306 MGB   KIA
Oliver, Walter T.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – right arm
Olson, Frederick   PVT   C/308
Olson, Lars   PVT   C/308
Olstren, Andrew   PVT   K/307
Orlando, Angel   PVT   H/308   W – GSW
Osborne, Lawrence M.   SUP SGT   B/308   MIA
Ostrovsky, Isadore   PVT   H/308
Oxman, Charles   PVT   C/308
Pagliaro, Benjamin   PVT   G/308   Sick (influenza)
Pardue, Robert M.   PVT   E/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Parker, George W.   PVT   F/308
Patterson, Clarence   PVT   ?/308
Paulson, Oscar   PVT   C/308   POW
Payne, Andrew G.   PVT   C/308   W – head
Peabody, Marshall G.   2LT   D/306 MGB   KIA
Pennington, Joseph R.   PVT   E/308   W – left thigh, buttock
Perea, Enrique   PVT   H/308
Perrigo, Myron D.   PVT   G/308   W – right eye
Pesetti, Salvatore   PVT   K/307
Peters, Clarence   PVT   B/308   W – neck, face, left leg
Peterson, Emil A.   PVT   H/308   POW (W)
Peterson, Holgar   CPL   G/308   KIA
Peterson, Walter S.   PVT   B/308   W – left eye
Peterson, William L.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Petti, Alfred J.   PVT   H/308
Phelps, Harry L.   PVT   C/308   KIA
Phelps, Jacob C.   PVT   K/307   W – right leg
Phillips, Henry   PVT   E/308   POW
Pierson, John L.   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel, GSW
Pinkstone, Charles W.   CPL   C/308   W – left foot
Pollinger, Frank J.   PVT   G/308   W – right foot
Pomeroy, Lawrence   PVT   B/308
Pool, Thomas G.   1LT   K/307   W – GSW, back
Pope, Calgere   PVT   K/307
Potter, Oscar   PVT   G/308   Sick (arthritis)
Pou, Robert E.   PVT   E/308
Powell, Josephus   PVT   H/308   W – back
Powers, William J.   PVT   HQ/308
Probst, Louis M.   MECH   E/308   Sick
Prusek, Joseph   PVT   K/307
Pugh, Charles J.   PVT   E/308
Puniskis, Joseph H.   PVT   C/308
Raidant, Silas L.   PVT   G/308   W – shrapnel
Rainwater, Carl A.   PVT   G/308
Rainwater, James B.   PVT   D/308   KIA
Rangitsch, Jacob   PVT   E/308
Rank, Lloyd   PVT   F/302 Am Tr.
Ratonda, Herman E.   PVT   D/308   W – severe gas
Ratto, Vito   PVT   E/308
Rauchle, Frank   CPL   C/306 MGB   Sick
Ray, Guy W.   PVT   C/308
Raygor, Ernest E.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Rayony, Spiro   PVT   ?/308
Rayson, Homer   PVT   G/308   KIA
Recko, Jack   PVT   H/308   POW (W)
Rector, Frank C.   CPL   D/306 MGB
Regan, William   PVT   G/308
Reid, Lauren G.   PVT   G/308   KIA
Reiger, John   PVT   B/308   W – GSW
Renda, John   PVT   H/308   W – left leg
Revnes, Maurice P.   2LT   D/306 MGB   W – left foot
Rhoads, Solomon E.   PVT   H/308
Rice, Chauncey I.   CPL   D/306 MGB
Richards, Omer   PVT   HQ/308
Richardson, ?   PVT   C/306 MGB
Richter, Morris   PVT   C/308   Sick
Ridlon, Ernest J.   PVT   G/308   W – right hand
Rissi, Bernard   PFC   G/308   KIA
Ritter, Charles   PVT   H/308   W – right thigh
Roberts, Benjamin   PFC   K/307   W – back, right leg
Roberts, Clarence   PVT   B/308
Robertson, Arch   PVT   H/308
Rochester, Nathaniel N.   PFC   E/308   KIA
Rodriquez, Alfred   PVT   ?/308
Roesch, Clarence R.   SGT MJR   HQ/308
Rogers, Harold M.   2LT   B/308   KIA
Ronan, Maurice H.   PVT   C/306 MGB
Rosby, Thornwald   PVT   K/307   W – both arms & legs, head
Rose, Sidney   PVT   E/308   W – GSW, head
Rosenberg, Samuel   PFC   H/308   W – DOW 10/12/18
Ross, Albert A.   PVT   G/308   KIA
Rossum, Haakon A.   CPL   G/308   POW (W)
Royall, Joseph   PVT   H/308
Rudolph, Aloysius J.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Rugg, Hiram M.   PVT   H/308   W – head, back
Rumsey, Wilbert F.   PVT   K/307   KIA
Ruppe, John   PVT   H/308   KIA
Ryan John F.   CPL   D/306 MGB   KIA
Sackman, Julius   SGT   D/306 MGB   W – left side, abdomen
Sadler, Thomas G.   PVT   D/305 FA   W – left leg
Sands, Lester T.   PVT   H/308
Santillo, Anthony   PVT   D/306 MGB   KIA
Santini, Guiseppe   PVT   G/308
Scanlon, John H.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – left back, side & hip
Schaffer, Harold L.   CPL   H/308   W – face
Schanz, Joseph A.   PVT   G/308
Schenck, Gordon L.   2LT   C/308   KIA
Schettino, Lememe   PVT   K/307
Schmidt, John H.   MECH   G/308   W – left leg
Schmitt, Frederick F.   PFC   D/306 MGB   KIA
Schmitz, Joseph J.   PFC   D/306 MGB   W – right leg
Schultz, Otto J.   PVT   E/308   W – DOW 11/7/18
Schultz, William   PVT   G/308
Schwartz, Paul A.   CPL   K/307   Sick
Scialdono, Guiseppe   PVT   K/307   W – leg
Segal, Paul   PVT   B/308
Selg, Eugene   PVT   G/308
Semenuk, Harold   PVT   C/308
Senter, Henry H.   PVT   H/308   W – left knee
Shea, James E.   PFC   H/308   KIA
Shepard, Arthur H.   PVT   B/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Sica, Rocco   PVT   E/308   KIA
Simonson, Alfred   PVT   C/308   W – shrapnel, GSW
Sims, George P.  CPL   K/307
Sirota, Irving   PVT   Med (D)/308   Sick (trench foot)
Sketson, Orlander   PVT   B/308   KIA
Slingerland, James E.   PVT   G/308
Smith, Sidney   PVT   H/308   W – GSW
Sobaszkiewicz, Stanley   PVT   H/308    W – GSW
Solomon, Arthur   PVT   F/308
Spallina, Joseph   PVT   K/307   W – right hand
Speich, George F.   CPL   K/307   W – knee
Spiegel, Isidore   PVT   H/308
St.Cartier, Lucien   PFC   C/308   KIA
Stamboni, Joseph   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – shrapnel, GSW
Stanfield, John A.   PVT   H/308
Steichen, Albert N.   PVT   H/308   Sick (rheumatism)
Stenger, William   PVT   H/308
Stingle, Frank   PVT   K/307   W – face, right leg
Stoianoff, Blaze   PVT   H/308
Strickland, James R.   PVT   H/308   W – right thigh
Stringer, Edward   PVT   E/308   W – GSW, spine
Stromee, Leo A.   CAPT   C/308   W – right side, face
Stumbo, Leroy A.   PVT   K/307   W – head
Sugro, Benedetto   PVT   C/308
Sullivan, Jerry H.   PVT   E/308   POW
Summers, Albert E.   PVT   H/308
Sundby, Melvin G.   PVT   H/308   W – DOW 10/15/18
Swanbeck, Arthur   PVT   K/307   W – right arm
Swanson, Edward   PVT   H/308
Swanson, Olaf W.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Swanson, Sigurd V.   PVT   B/308   Sick
Swartz, John B.   PVT   H/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Sweeney, Bernard J.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – left wrist
Swenson, Oscar A.   PVT   G/308   KIA
Taasaas, Andrew J.   PVT   H/308
Talbot, William R.   PVT   E/308   KIA
Tallon, Daniel B.   CPL   E/308   KIA
Teichmoeller, John G.   1LT   D/305 FA   W – severe concussion
Test, Pietro   PVT   K/307   W – right chest, shoulder
Thatcher, Lee C.   PVT   B/308
Thomas, Clifford   PVT   K/307   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Thomas, Harold H.   PVT   H/308   MIA
Thompson, Arthur A.   CPL   D/306 MGB   W – GSW
Thorbone, Roland   PVT   B/308
Thorsen, Harold   PVT   G/308   W – shrapnel (multiple)
Tiederman, Herbert   PVT   HQ/308
Todisco, Amos   1st SGT   G/308   W – right hand
Tollefson, Theodore   PVT   HQ/308   KIA
Tolley, Courtney W.   PVT   D/306 MGB
Torpey, Leslie C.   PVT   D/306 MGB
Trainor, Leo W.   2LT   C/308   W – GSW
Travers, John H.   PVT   D/306 MGB   W – DOW 10/17/18
Treadwell, Raymond   PVT   K/307   Sick
Trigani, Antonio   PVT   G/308
Tronson, Melvin C.   PVT   E/308   POW
Tucker, Jack   CPL   C/308   POW
Tuite, Martin F.   SGT   C/308
Tulchin, David   PVT   C/308
Tumm, Charles G.   CPL   H/308   KIA
Turnquist, Benjamin E.   PVT   K/307
Underhill, Lester   MECH   K/308
Untereiner, Hugo E.   PVT   H/308
Vitkus, Joseph   PVT   E/308
Vittulli, Constantine   PVT   C/308   W – stomach
Voelker, Alphonsus F.   CPL   C/308   W – GSW
Volz, Otto M.   PVT   K/307   W – face
Voorheis, John L.   PVT   C/308   Sick
Wade, Farland F.   PVT   G/308   W – head
Walker, George   PFC   Med (G)/308   W – shrapnel, back
Wallace, Dosia W.   PVT   G/308   W – left eye
Wallen, Oscar   PVT   G/308   W – GSW, back
Wallenstein, Charles   PVT   C/308   Sick
Weaver, Glenn H.   PVT   G/308   W – right arm
Weiner, Walter   PVT   F/308
Weinhold, Frederick   PVT   E/308   POW
Weinmann, George J.   PVT   F/308   W – both legs
Wenzel, Edward L.   PVT   H/308   POW
West, Harry A.   PVT   E/308   POW
Wheeler, Otto   PVT   H/308   KIA
White, Peter H.   PVT   F/308
White, Scott R.   PVT   H/308   Sick (influenza)
Whiting, Wilbur C.   CPL   H/308
Whittlesey, Charles W.   MJR   HQ/308   W – nose (unreported)
Wilber, Frederick L.   PFC   G/308   W – face
Wilhelm, Karl E.   1LT   E/308   W – right hand
Williamson, Henry J.   2LT   A/308   W – left foot
Willinger, Isadore   PVT   K/307   POW
Willis, Oscar   PVT   H/308   W – left leg
Witschen, Vincent   PVT   K/307
Witthaus, Albert R.   PVT   H/308   W – left shoulder
Wolf, Samuel   PVT   B/308
Wolfe, Earl I.   PVT   C/308
Wondowlesky, Stephen   PVT   A/308
Woods, James R.   PVT   G/308
Workman, William J.   PVT   H/308   KIA
Wornek, Ernest   PVT   G/308   W – left foot
Wright, William J.   PVT   D/306 MGB
Yoder, Robert   PVT   E/308   W – shrapnel (slight)
Zeman, Louis   PVT   H/308   KIA
Ziegenbalg, William   PVT   B/308

The total number listed as killed during the episode comes to 122, while the total number listed as wounded equals 242. Additionally, there are also 9 men listed as missing, 34 that were taken prisoner, 49 evacuated as sick. Added up then, this gives a total number of casualties of 456, or a casualty rate of just over 66 percent, against a total strength of 694. Yet this does not reflect those losses due to hunger, general weakness and the process of ‘weeding out’ that the four remaining officers went through just before the march out from the Charlevaux Ravine. These further detracted from Whittlesey’s remaining force, and figuring again from an original strength of 694, less the 194 that walked out of the ravine, we then get a total loss of 500. This then gives an aggregate loss of over 72 percent, or in other words, 2 out of 3 men became a casualty of some kind during the five days of the siege in the Charlevaux Ravine.