Cecil County World War Doughboy Memorial, Elkton, MD

Cecil County World War Doughboy Memorial, Elkton, MD loupe
101 Railroad Ave.
USA 21921
sculptor unknown

A standing figure of a soldier dressed in his khakis and wearing his helmet. He holds a rifle in front of him with both hands. The base of the sculpture is a shaft flanked by large paneled slabs inscribed with the names of Cecil County men who died in World War I. At the bottom of the base is a row of three steps. At each end of the base, on the front corners, are tapered shafts topped by electric lamps. On the front of the base is a carved eagle.

Single figure -- soldier
Moved from courthouse to Armory in 1940.
IAS MD000280
Joseph H. Sloan, Elkton Marble and Granite Work
The World War I Doughboy Memorial that stands in front of the Armory in Elkton was dedicated in 1921 at the courthouse, which was then at the northeast corner of Main and North streets. At the end of the 1930s, the county made plans to build an expanded courthouse and turned over the old courthouse to the Elkton town commissioners. Just before World War II started, the town tore down the 18th century structure and the Vermont marble memorial was relocated from its original site to its present location in 1941. The carved inscription recognizes the people of Cecil County who served and died in the Great War.