Gold Star Mothers Monument of Middlesex County - New Brunswi...

Gold Star Mothers Monument of Middlesex County - New Brunswickloupe
French & Jersey Streets
New Brunswick
USA 08901

Set in a small triangular traffic island, the Art Deco Gold Star Mothers Monument & clock commemorates the mothers who lost children serving their country in World War I. 

The stone obelisk sits on a triangular concrete base, each side of which is elaborated with a concrete bench.  The base’s three corners are marked by square pylons that project above the base.  The obelisk is square in cross section and is given vertical emphasis by paired marble arrows placed near each corner.  These arrows extend up to the lower portion of the second stage of the monument.  This stage has two brass plaques each inscribed with a shield.  The plaques are mounted beneath a clock on the front and rear faces of the monument.  The two clocks contain the letters for “New Brunswick” in place of the numbers on their faces.  The monument terminates with a flat top given vertical emphasis by several marble arrow moldings. 

The monument also includes a concrete signboard just east of the monument, however in 2016, it was lacking its sign. 

Photos courtesy of:  NJ State Historic Preservation Office
Vintage postcard courtesy of:  Rutgers University Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives (originally published by The Mayrose Co., Publishers, New York)