DuPont Ammunition Plant - Pompton Lakes

DuPont Ammunition Plant - Pompton Lakesloupe
Pompton Lakes
USA 07442

DuPont Company owned & operated gunpowder manufacturing operations in Pompton Lakes beginning in 1902.  With the onset of World War I, DuPont was producing huge quantities of powder in 1917, increasing employees to 7,500. 

Production included:blasting caps, detonating fuses, boosters, primer and an unknown quantity of hand and rifle grenades.

A housing boom occurred, with many homeowners converting residences to rooming houses for workers.  DuPont built a dormitory colony near the current site of Pompton Lakes High School.  The impact was dramatic, and Pompton Lakes became known as a 'company town.' 

The current Pompton Lakes Salvation Army building is an extension of one of the dormitories.

Narrative adapted from Federal Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry.

Photo courtesy of:  DuPont Company