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Army Reserve Mobilization Museum - Fort Dix

Army Reserve Mobilization Museum - Fort Dixloupe
Fort Dix
USA 08640

The Army Reserve Mobilization Museum was established in 2007.  Its mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and exhibit the history of the United States Army Reserve from 1776 to present.

Using period artifacts, along with accurate reproductions of uniforms, equipment, photographs and documents, the chronologically-arranged exhibits depict the mobilization, training, embarkation and demobilization that occurs when soldiers are called to defend the nation. 

To visit, call the museum at (609) 562-2334 for latest hours and security procedures. You may need to arrange for a visitor pass.

Narrative adapted from Fort Dix Army Reserve Mobilization Museum website. 

Photos courtesy of:  US Army Sgt. 1st Class Gustavo Olgiato & Army Reserve Mobilization Museum


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