Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Company - Kearny

Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Company - Kearnyloupe
Kearny Point
USA 07032

Federal Shipbuilding was located at Kearny Point, NJ, immediately north of the confluence of the Hackensack & Passaic Rivers at the head of Newark Bay.  It is approximately 3 miles from present-day Newark Liberty Airport.

A subsidiary of the United States Steel Corporation, it was incorporated July 24, 1917 to construct steel ocean-going vessels. Its World War I output was cargo ships produced for the Emergency Fleet Corporation to carry supplies to the European theater of war.

The Federal Shipbuilding Yard at Kearny was built quickly, and 30 vessels of 10,000 ton capacity were constructed in a short time.  The first keel was laid at the Federal yard on November 14, 1917. The first vessel, Liberty, was launched at Federal Shipbuilding June 19, 1918, and delivered to the Shipping Board on October 5, 1918.  The War ended a few weeks later. 

Narrative adapted from Global Security website. 

Photos courtesy of:
Aerial view, 1945 - US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics
Federal Shipbuilding workers - Howard Liberman, Library of Congress