Soldiers & Sailors Memorial - Ramsey

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial - Ramseyloupe
Bonnyview Park
USA 07446

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Ramsey, NJ is an elegant classical composition that sits in a grassy island in a park.  Flanked by two other honor roll memorials, the monuments are set in front of a backdrop of six flagpoles with flags, three on either side of the World War I monument.

The monument sits on a stone slab base constructed of three stepped slabs. Rising from either side of the top slab are baseless fluted Doric columns with a full entablature including triglyphs and guttae. The monument is crowned by a pedimented gable. A bronze honor roll plaque is set in a stone surround between the two columns.

Photos courtesy of:  Ramsey Historical Association
Vintage postcard courtesy of:  Ramsey Historical Association, Collection of Daniel Kennedy