Tessie McNamara Marker | Kingsland Explosion - Lyndhurst

Tessie McNamara Marker | Kingsland Explosion - Lyndhurstloupe
Clay Avenue & Valley Brook
USA 07071

This monument was erected in honor of the young switchboard operator at the munitions plant of the Canadian Car & Foundry Company near Kingsland. Glancing out the window in her workplace, she noticed a wisp of smoke curling from the eaves of Building 30 where 200 gallons of gasoline were stored.

Back at her switchboard, she connected with shed after shed, giving the message that there was a fire in Shed 30 and that all men should leave the area as soon as possible.  As she made her final calls, shells started to explode, and one shell piece came through the roof, grazing her.  She fainted.  Several fireman dragged the unconscious young woman out of the range of the explosions and loaded her into an automobile to be driven to the hospital.  Ms. McNamara lived until 1971. 

Photo courtesy of:  Bill Coughlin & Historical Marker Database