Doughboy - Robbinsville

Doughboy - Robbinsvilleloupe
Routes 33 & 526

This World War I doughboy statue is fabricated from concrete - one of four in the state of NJ using that material.  The 7' figure stands atop a 10' tall, square pedestal inscribed with the names of 15 men from Washington Township, NJ who served in The Great War. 

The land for the memorial was donated by resident & Civil War veteran, John Yard in 1919.  The monument was purchased from LL Manning & Son, a Plainfield, NJ monument company.  It was unveiled on October 16, 1920 with more than 1,000 people in attendance. 

Narrative adapted from Cathy Zahn, "Nearly a Century Old, but Doughboy's Message of Patriotism is Timeless," Robbinsville Sun website.

Photo Credit:  Sheena Chi