Rahway River Parkway

Rahway River Parkwayloupe
162 Saint Georges Ave
USA 07067

In 1919, a proposal was made to Union County, New Jersey for a "Memorial Park", now known as the Rahway River Parkway.  It said its creation should serve as a memorial to those young soldiers who had lost their lives in the just-concluded World War I and also a salvation of the Rahway River for future generations. 

The county was urged to act swiftly stating:
"What better memorial could be imagined than to buy and reserve for this purpose one of nature's rarest gifts to Union County in the form of a "Union County Memorial Park?"  The Rahway River possesses a multitude of natural attractions, far beyond the reach of money, which can be made a perpetual monument to those who have remained in France and an endowment of nature to those have not. A dedication of this nature will preserve a priceless evidence of reverence and esteem, and the same time protect the virgin purity and beauty of one of the State's biggest assets and inspire great respect for its future protection."

Photo courtesy of: Friends of Rahway River Parkway