North Dakota World War I Memorials and Monuments

 North Dakota World War I Memorials and Monumentsloupe

North Dakota World War I Monuments and Memorials Dedicated between 1918 and 1941

 North Dakotans  remembered those who served in World War I by erecting monuments and memorials all over the state.  The monuments and memorials range from bronze tablets which honored local men and women who served, to the Liberty Memorial Building (1925) on the State Capitol grounds in Bismarck, which is a memorial to all North Dakota World War I veterans. 

It appears that a monument erected in Minot on May 30, 1918 is the first permanent monument dedicated to local war dead in the United States.  This special  World War I monument, located in Minot’s Rosehill Cemetery, was erected by the Minot Girls Military Squad.  http://www.minotdailynews.com/news/local-news/2017/02/monumental-memorial/

Two bronze “doughboy” monuments are located in North Dakota.  One is located in the Riverview Cemetery, Williston and the other on the Richland County Court House Lawn in Wahpeton.    Both were erected in 1927.  Other organizations, such as the North Dakota War Mothers also dedicated monuments to their sons and daughters who had served in World War I.

North Dakotans also dedicated parks, such as the Lamoure County Memorial Park (1921), many community centers, and five county court houses as memorials. The five counties that built World War I memorial courthouses are Emmons (1934), Hettinger (1936), Renville (1936), Stark (1937) and Ward (1930).  The author has  worked with the State Historical Society of North Dakota to locate and research these monuments and memorials across the state.  As of  July 2017, over forty World War I monuments and memorials erected between 1918 and 1941 have been identified.  http://history.nd.gov/hp/WWImemorials.html  If you know of a monument or memorial constructed between these dates that is not on the attached list, please contact the State Historical Society of North Dakota at 701-328-2089.