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Crew of new Navy ship, USS Kansas City, WW1CC Commissioners, in attendance at Memorial Day ceremonies at the National WWI Museum & Memorial 

By Sean McDowell
via the web site (Kansas City, MO)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There was a suitable celebration amid the metro's observance of Memorial Day.

Crew members from a brand new U.S. Navy ship, the USS Kansas City, paid their respects at Monday's public ceremonies at Liberty Memorial.

It`s always a sacred time when thankful Kansas Citians gather to thank their military heroes. However, this year's gathering was unique. This year's guests of honor included the crew of the forthcoming USS Kansas City, a U.S. Navy vessel that`s due to be commissioned next year.

"Dear Lord, hear our prayer for all who have died," one speaker at Monday's ceremony said in a prayer for mercy for suffering families.

Within those solemn seconds, there was reserved excitement concerning the USS Kansas City, a new breed of Navy warship capable of traveling at high rates of speed while still transporting personnel and equipment.

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