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WW1 Centennial News for December 29, 2017 - Episode #52

John Elk wishes happy New YearOur 2017 selected favorite episode image of Pvt. John Elk - Company D, 139th Infantry, 35th Division

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Favorite Stories of 2017 - Part 1

  • January 4,  Episode #1- our first story! | @ 01:05
  • February 15, Episode #7 - "Stories of Service" and "Family Ties" introduced by Chris Christopher | @ 02:15
  • March 8, Episode #10  War in the sky -The story of Baron von Zeppelin | @ 04:05
  • March 29, Episode #13- Special Feature - about horses and mules serving | @ 07:50
  • April 5 and April #12 - Episodes 14 and 15 - Commission News - In Sacrifice for Liberty and Peace - with Ed Bilous and Chris Christopher | @ 11:20
  • April 26  Episode #17 - 100 years ago this week - The selective service act of 1917 | @ 19:10
  • April 26 - Episode #17 - War In the Sky - It turned into the world’s largest aerospace company | @ 21:05
  • May 3, Episode #18 - Spotlight in the media - introducing Sgt. Stubby the animated film with Jordan Beck | @ 23:30
  • May 3 Episode #18 From the BUZZ - Moss is mostly good with Katherine Akey | @ 28:05
  • May 10, Episode #19 - 100 Years ago This week -  For Mother’s day - Mothers in WW1 | @ 29:20
  • June 6, Episode #23 - Commission News - A brief mission profile from Commission Executive Director - Dan Dayton | @ 35:25
  • Also June 6, Episode #23 - Special Feature - George Cohan’s “Over There” turns 100 - with Richard Rubin and Jonathan Bratten | @ 36:50
  • June 14, 2017, Episode 24 - Spotlight in the media - Three theories on why Wonder Woman is set in WW1 |@ 43:20
  • June 14, Episode 24 - International Report - The Violin of Private Howard | @ 45:40

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Welcome to World War 1 centennial News - Episode #52.

This New Year’s week, and next week, we have a special 2-episode series for you.

Next week marks our first anniversary for the show so wanted to share some of our favorite stories and segments from 2017 with you!

They are presented in chronological order. Part 1 takes us into July 2017, and Part 2 through the end of the year.

We are not going to spend time setting up each piece, but we will tell you the date, the episode and the article title each time - to keep it all in context.


WW1 Centennial News is brought to you by the US World War One centennial Commission and the commission’s founding sponsor the Pritzker

Military Museum and Library.


See above for the list of stories


Thank you for having joined us for our WW1 Centennial News New Year’s Special - The best of 2017 - Part 1.

Join us next week for Part 2.

Happy New year to all of you for 2018 and for 1918 from the whole team at WW1 Centennial News


The US World War One Centennial Commission was created by Congress to honor, commemorate and educate about WW1.

Our programs are to--

inspire a national conversation and awareness about WW1

We are bringing the lessons of the 100 years ago into today's classrooms;

We are helping to restore WW1 memorials in communities of all sizes across our country;

and of course we are building America’s National WW1 Memorial in Washington DC.

Thank you to the commission’s founding sponsor the Pritzker Military Museum and Library for their support.

This podcast can be found on our website at ww1cc.org/cn  

on  iTunes and google play ww1 Centennial News, and on Amazon Echo or other Alexa enabled devices. Just say: Alexa: Play W W One Centennial News Podcast.

Our twitter and instagram handles are both @ww1cc and we are on facebook @ww1centennial.



So long!


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