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1918 War Letters: Deception To Protect the Family, A World War I Case Study


by Ava F. Kahn, PhD


The following paper was awarded acceptance as part of the California State University Bakersfield World War One Centennial Conference titled "America in the Trenches: A Centennial Exploration of America's Involvement in the Great War." This paper was vetted by the CSUB history department for inclusion as a guest lecturer at the conference held October 13, 2018, at the university's Bakersfield Campus. This work falls under copyright restrictions, and the author has granted restricted permission for publication only here on this website.



dr ava kahnAVA F. KAHN holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She taught at UC Davis, Mills College, and SFSU, served as a the Research Associate at the Western Jewish History Center of the Magnes Museum and as a visiting scholar at the California Studies Center, University of California, Berkeley. Her publications include: Jewish Voices of the California Gold Rush: A Documentary History, 1849–1880 (2002); Jewish Life in the American West: Immigration, Settlement and Community (2002, 2004); Jews of the Pacific Coast: Reinventing Community on America's Edge (2010) co-authored with Ellen Eisenberg and William Toll; California Jews (2003, paperback 2011) co-edited with Marc Dollinger; and Transnational Traditions: New Prospectives on American Jewish History (2014) co-edited with Adam Mendelsohn. An article on Kahn's WWI research was published in the American Jewish Archives journal.