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Please join us and toll the Bells of Peace on 11/11 at 11am local. No bell? We have a Participation App for you.

In 2018, we launched "Bells of Peace" as a WWI Remembrance on the centennial of the Armistice of World War I. Tens of thousands of communities, churches, organizations and individuals all over our nation and even in other countries came together for a moment of reflection to honor the people, events, sacrifices and consequences of the "War that Changed the World".

It is a means of showing respect and reverence to the horrific, the heroic, and the consequential. In order that these events do not fade back into the mists of obscurity, we are once again calling for a National Bell Tolling on the 11th hour (local), of the 11th day of the 11th month. [instructions]

shgtusAnd we are not alone in this.

The Society of the Honor Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (SHGTUS) Centennial Committee is also calling for a tolling under their National Salute 2019 initiativeas we approach the 100th Anniversary of the burial of an Unknown American Soldier who fought and died in World War I, and is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (TUS) in Arlington National Cemetery, in 2021.



Join us as we stop, and take a moment to reflect, remember and honor... and reverently toll bells 21 times, 5 seconds apart in hope for continued peace.


We have a free "Participation App"
for all who need a bell to toll.

Everyone and anyone can toll the bell in remembrance.  As the free App's built-in countdown timer reaches 11am local, Bells of Peace will toll from every device; together; 21 times; in a remembrance of when the fighting ended on the Western Front in 1918. You can also toll manually.

Participation APP - Animated badges

IMPORTANT: If you already have last years app installed it should update. If it is not showing a new countdown, please delete it and install the new one.

Just use the links above for your App store, or go to your app store and search for "Bells of Peace"

2019 "Bells of Peace" Participation APP Features

  • For iOS & Android mobile devices.
  • Easy to share with friends.
  • Bells will toll together across devices.
  • Select from 7 bells sounds.
  • Manual modes.
  • And more...


APP imagesThe 2019 "Bells of Peace" Participation App

By Theo Mayer
Chief Technologist, United States World War One Centennial Commission

There is a backstory.
Last year when we started to develop the Bells of Peace National bell tolling initiative, we met and received advice from SGM (Retired) Gavin McIlvenna, the President, Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (SHGTUS).  That organization had created a national bell tolling initiative for Veterans Day. As you may recall, the Unknown was a WWI doughboy, who was returned on the USS Olympia in 1921 to be buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery. The Unknown represents ALL THOSE who remained on the battlefield and the tomb has been guarded by by the Honor Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ever since. 

In an early meeting with Gavin he mentioned the challenges they faces due to the increasing scarcity of bells in America.

"Why don't we make an App with bells in it" one of the people at the meeting suggested. And we have.


What if my App does not toll!?

Last year, we got feedback from several people that sadly their phones did not toll at the appointed 11am local on 11/11. It was only a handful of the over 22,000 people who installed the App, but as a sacred moment, it was very disappointing nevertheless.

There are many reasons that might have happened. Perhaps they did not see the instruction that the app needs to be up and running on the phone at the appointed time. Perhaps with hundreds of phone models, running an equally large number of operating system versions, some current, some maybe not it might not have worked. Perhaps they had the Auto Toll switch in the wrong place, or their sound turned down.

We have a MANUAL TOLLING mode that will allow everyone to give honors at the appointed time. In manual mode (even while AUTO Mode is running, you can test toll your selected bells as often as you like, and certainly prior to the appointed time. That way if the timer runs out and something has gone wrong, you can manually toll 21 times with tested confidence.

Following are the details about the app

What do you get with the Bells of Peace Participation App?


Under the home menu button 

countdown 650

The buttons at the bottom let you select between the Home, Tolling and WWI Memorial sections. The main features of the Home page are the countdown timer and the ability to register/pledge and that is how we keep you updated.


Tolling Button

bell toling pageThe Main Bell Menu

This is your main bell tolling page. From bottom to top... Click on the Browse all Bells to audition and select the bell sound you would like to toll. The big red button is the MANUAL TOLLING button. Use it anytime to toll the selected bell. Next up is the AUTO TOLLING On/Off switch. Make sure it is showing GREEN is you plan to have your phone toll automatically at 11am local on 11/11. Above that is the picture of the bell you have selected to toll. There are 7 available selections from cathedral to ships bells based on your commemoration needs.



Browse and Select Your Bell

select the bell

On this swipe screen you can explore the various bells available. Click the "listen" link to audition them. When you find the bell you want to select, press the "Select this bell for tolling" button. It will go green and you have selected that sound. Click the bottom menu bell icon to return to the bell tolling page which will now display the new bell you selected. You can do this as often as you like.



National WWI Memorial in Washington, D.C.


Swipe the image at the top panel to explore "A Soldier's Journey" by Sabin Howard the 58' bronze that will grace the Memorial as a centerpiece. Click on the video to play a 3D fly-through of the memorial site and see what will be there when it is completed. And of course if you would like to honor those who served in WWI for generations to come in our Nation's capital - click the button to join the many guardians of our nation's heritage who are participating in building this memorial to the veterans and ALL those who served our country in WWI.


 send  questions to  Contact in the main menu




Military organizations, Veterans Service Organizations, Religious organizations, patriotic organizations, civic groups, historical societies, scouting organizations, schools, communities, libraries, industrial and business entity of all sizes, unions, communications media, social media, and individuals. Everyone can participate with their local bells or with the Participation App.

Ask your church, community, town hall or organization to announce their pledge to participate in "Bells of Peace" and set the time for 11am local on 11/11. If you are going to announce your participation on social media, please use the hashtags: #tollthebells and #countdowntoveteransday

Toll the bells 21 times with a 5 second interval [with the App - do this on AUTO or MANUAL mode] calling to “Attention” of the freedom and peace loving people of the World for purposes of rendering the highest honors to those who served and as a prayer for enduring peace.

Great Silence – for two minutes, the first minute for those who have already sacrificed and the second minute for those who will sacrifice in the future with their lives for the American way of life. It is a universal feeling for those who gave their all and for whom we can never fully repay. It is a grateful nation pausing to honor our Nation’s promise to never ever forget or to forsake America’s sacrifice for peace and freedom.

Great each other and talk amongst yourselves about your community, family and organization's connection to our heritage and the best parts of the American ideals of freedom, democracy, inclusiveness, peace and liberty. Do it in the name of your ancestors who sacrificed and in the name of the children for whom the sacrifice means everything.



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